Welcome to Aquatict Marine LIfe

Aquatict Marine Life is one of Kenya's leading exporter of ornamental Marine fish, invertebrates, cultured live rock and Marine sand to the international Market. AML has a vast experience in the trade and we offer healthy and quality livestock to our customers.

Why Aquatict Marine Life

Aquatic marine life is one of the Kenya’s leading exporter of different types of fish. With very many years of experience in the aquarium business, you can rely on us as your supplier. We distinguish ourselves with our wide range of stock and quality we supply. We export to very many other suppliers worldwide.

Our reputation has been built on our prompt service, ability to supply top quality products and our preparation service, which is carried out to the highest standard by our fully qualified members of staff.

Our Collection and Storage Facilities : Handling and storage of incoming stock is the most is the most critical stage. We have the very modern storage and packaging facilities . Every fish is subjected to a full post-collection examination

AML Reef Rocks

Our live rocks has a security stamp and sustainable CITES, we have the best beautiful a cheap live rocks, porous and full of holes and crevices.

Our rocks are aquaculture in the deep see. AML live rocks are flatter less jagged stones with plant based life such as micro-algae, brown, purple, yellow, pink coralline. In terms of shape we have plates predominate for building reef which are bio filter in the reef aquarium